Friday, August 14, 2015

Little Lady A ~ July Visit

I was so happy that Jenny brought the Little Tykes along for vacation!  I hadn't seen them in quite some time.  So sad. Sniff, sniff.

Anyway . . . . Little Lady A is growing into such a beautiful little thing ~ can't stop staring at her!

She is such a little mommy.  It cracks me up.  She dotes over her babies and she expects everyone else to do the same.  For example:  The Big Boy.  He was requested to hold and look after her babies.  He wanted no parts of that. She was insistent.  I think he lost the first battle.

 She tucked her TWO babies around him for safe keeping.  He looks somewhat amiss, don't ya think?  He refused to hold them.  She was not at all pleased with that response.  She was not pleased with him.  As a matter of fact she didn't like him.  At any given time one of her conversations with others concerning Big Boy went like this:
Bystander:  "Do you like Uncle Ben?"
Little Lady A:  "No."
Bystander:  "Why not??"
Little Lady A: "He won't hold my babies."
Plain and simple.  You don't like to hold my babies, I don't like you. 
Well now.  How's that for a "kiss my tail" attitude feisty?
The Big Boy had become her nemesis.  She could not conquer him.  She only tolerated him.
So it didn't hurt any that Itty Bitty understood her need for "mothering".  They got along quite well.
It also didn't hurt that all three of them L. O. V. E. Doc McStuffins.  The only victim in that scenario was poor Audie Dog.

But they took good care of her.  Fixed her up and sent her on her way.  No harm, no fowl.

Looks to me as if she's teaching Catie Bug all the "ins and outs" of the World Wide Web.  It also looks to me as if she has multi-tasking down ~ teaching and watching TV.  And, seems she letting her "babies" run amuck over there! Are they wrestling???   Tsk.  Tsk.  And she does all this with the style and grace of a Little Princess. 

"Tell me Catie, how does that make you feel?"

Little Lady A is full of life and vigor. 

 She seizes the moment and still takes time to "ponder".
 And . . . if you really want a friend for life, just break out the books or a tablet
and snuggle up to read (or play a game)!
She has quite obviously stolen hearts ~ and why not?  Just look at all that adorableness!


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