Saturday, June 5, 2010

My "Happy Place"

This post was triggered by my niece, Jessie. She posted on FB a couple days ago that she had lost her "happy place". Could someone please give her directions so she could find it again. I totally understood her dilemma. I felt as though my "happy place" had been misplaced as well.

What, exactly, is a "happy place"? The best I can surmise is: it can be a person, place, smell, thought, idea, some one's voice, or a touch (sounds very much like a noun, doesn't it?) It can be all of these things to one person, or just one of these things. It. Just. Needs. To. Make. You. Smile. And although I am affected by all the pleasantries these things can offer, there is one little item that does just that - makes me smile. At any given time. When I see it.

As I was dusting my dining room this morning, I found my "Happy Place". I was pleasantly surprised by the smile it brought me. I found this little thing - probably more than a year or so ago - nestled in amongst it's counterparts. It was, however, different. And I claimed it. It made me smile immediately. The kids could only admire it. I was made fun of by everyone, initially, but hey, that was okay. It was my treasure! Personally, I think they were a tad bit jealous that they didn't find it first!

And here she is - My Happy Place.

Just look at her! She has personality, style, attitude, confidence. She has it all.

First: She is wearing purple. A royal color. Bold. Beautiful. Shiny. ooooo. . ..aaaaahhh

Second: Underneath her gorgeous attire lies an envious body of DARK chocolate. DARK and RICH. She is a temptress. Did I just say that?

Thirdly: She is having the time of her life. She is a party all in herself. Just look at the many tendrils flowing from her! Not at all like her counterparts with only one, lonely, little, strand.
Not her - she is IT! ! She, my friends, is celebrating life!

So find your "Happy Place". Allow it to make you smile. Be creative. Sometimes we can find fun, joy, or whimsy in unexpected places. A bag of Hershey's dark chocolate, for instance!

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  1. I just read your post again & stopped to think that earlier today.... you know what?? I found my happy place with a dear friend...We laughed, shared some chocolate milk & I felt refreshed for the rest of my day :-) Thanks for sharing your sweet perspective with others...


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