Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Random Thoughts This Morning

It is going to be a HOT, very HOT day. The girls are already antsy and it's only 8:10am and school's only been out three, count them, three days now.

McDonalds is being targeted by some insane group stating that they are being "creepy and predatory" towards children, enticing them with their Happy Meals and the coveted toy inside. Says parents are being "nagged" by their kids to buy them. This "prestigious" group wants to ax Happy Meals. Um. . . .isn't that why parents take kids to Mickey D's anyway? To buy them Happy Meals? Is it not up to the parent to say "yes or no"? And. . . .where, exactly, does this leave "Cracker Jacks"? Just curious.

My kitchen is "coming along". Sloooooww and steady. Verrrry sloooow and sometimes not so steady.

I love summer. I love winter, spring and fall, too! Just sayin'.

Yes, I'm stalling. . . . . it's HOT outside and I have a date with Herbie. Herbie is my "pool boy". He is slow moving, but he is faithful. I don't have to worry about cheating and coveting here, nope, not with him. He has no concern that the "water may be bluer in someone else's pool". He is content just to sit on my deck all day long. And wait for me. To beckon him to his duties. To retire him back to "his happy place" when he is done. He is my friend - I shall (and did) call him Herbie.

Well the Indians are on a war path - no choice but to go now! TTFN

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  1. I wish I had a date with Herbie!!!Can't believe how hot it is over there already. Heath was saying yesterday that his misses Maryland.Around here, 75 degress is considered a "hot" summer...last year it got into the 90's for a couple of days and people thought they were dying but I loved it! I have been spoiled by the Eastern Shore :) And, all I can say is they better not get rid of Happy Meals, Graham lives on those things ;) Happy Hot Summer my friend!


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