Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart. . .

Pop-pop is gone today. So it's me and Baby Girl. She took a good nap this morning, woke up, drank a bottle, did her business and I sat her down to play. Now, she's not one to be left alone for very long. I, on the other hand, think she needs to amuse herself from time to time. We did, however, play quite a bit before I sat her down. When I went to make tea she was upright. When I was done and peeked in at her she had "fallen and couldn't get up" and was grumbling a little. So I went about my business and left her to "figure it out". It became very quiet. So I peeked at her again and here's what I found:

Be still my beating heart!

She's thinking: "I'll show her. Leave me here all alone will ya? Hmph. How's this for retaliation? Hm?"

Ah. . . . but she doesn't know her Mom-mom very well, now does she? I just covered her up and made haste out of there!

I hope she wakes in a good mood :)

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Laying on her little tummy, sucking her thumb! Just totally succumbing to sweet sleep! Absolutely angelic!


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