Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Poetry

Sometimes you just have to say what's on your heart.

"My Dear Arron and Hur"

My Dear Aaron and Hur,
These thoughts are just for you
I can't express enough my love
For all the things you do.

You spend your time in prayer
For the simple likes of me
You never, ever hesitate
When I ask for bended knee.

You listen to my heartaches
You ponder what to say
You give me sound advice
And then you stop and pray.

I pondered and I prayed
Before I asked this task from you
To be "my Aaron and my Hur"
'Cause no one else would do.

Your gentle spirits move me
To examine myself each day
Before I come a'runnin'
Asking you to pray.

I know why you do these things
Why you let me vent to you
It's because of your love for God
It shows in everything you do.

I imagine as I'm "spouting"
You're praying as I speak
To interject what might work
Without making me feel meek.

Maybe you don't say anything
Anything at all
Just sitting close by my side
To catch me if I fall.

You cry with me when it's bad
You cry for me when I'm done
Then you quietly in your love
Point to the important One.

I can't begin to tell you
How much you mean to me
Cannot even try to imagine
Where, without you, I would be.


Diane and Heidi,
Heidi and Diane,

I truly do love you ladies. You will never know, this side of eternity, what you mean to me and how you've touched my heart. It doesn't matter to me which you are - Aaron or Hur. It just matters that you are.

Eternally Grateful,


  1. Barb, your dear words brought tears to my eyes as I read your thoughts... I had No idea ...Thankful for the dear "gift" of friendship that God allows us to have this side of glory... The common thread with the 3 of us is definitely the Lord...His faithfulness in our lives continues to amaze me..... Love you bunches....Time to get together & share one another's burdens..

  2. How very sweet. I was brought to tears. I am humbled and thankful for such a sweet friendship. May God just keep us all seeking His face. So glad he has brought us all together!! Wish we had more time together too!!


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