Friday, April 22, 2011

Ben vs Hamsters

What does one do on a rainy Friday afternoon besides sleep, and you're 23, or 9, or 6?

If you're nine, you convince your uncle that's twenty-three to play your "Mazin Hamsters" game and win you lots of money so you can buy a house for your "Mazin Hamsters"! Of course you are going to root your uncle on. The more confidence he has, the more money you get!

And if you are twenty-three and bored out of your brains you allow yourself to be talked into playing "Mazin Hamsters" by your nine year old niece! The more "practice" you get, the more money you win your niece! And for a little while you get to be a "gamer" once again and she gets to buy a house! It's a win win situation!

But, now, if you happen to be the six year old, you just sit and watch and wait your turn - that never comes - so you can play on the computer too.

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