Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "Proverbial Lemon Tree"

I haven't talked about my Lemon Tree lately. Maybe it's because I have been underneath it for a while and haven't even noticed that I have been overcome by lemons until late.

It's all well and good. No. Not really. But what am I to say? It's all bad? No, it's not all bad either. It just is.

There have been varying kinds of lemons - are there different varieties of lemons? Why, yes, yes there is. I know this because I just "Googled" it. In my lemon grove there has been everything from unemployment to health issues to school demands to stress to . . . . you name it.

I have realized that while I didn't realize I was buried under the tree, I did survive the over abundance of lemons. It seems we had just the right amount of rain and sunshine to produce the amount of fruit that came from those dag-nabit trees. They were worse than a herd of bunnies!

Survival for me is not a "sole" thing. I need to be "sured" up so I don't topple into a heap of insanity on the floor. My "surer-upers" did a splendid job getting me thru the harvesting of my lemons. That's not to say I didn't drive them into a heap of insanity on their floors! If I did - I am truly sorry. I know your insanity all too well. Please forgive me?

In case you are wondering about where those lemons are now - well, they are in baskets on my deck, waiting for me to deal with them. I am figuring if I tary long enough, they will rot down into juice and go back to the earth from whence they came and I will still be standing, probably in a stinky, lemony gas, but standing non the less. If any should survive the ooey, gooey death, I will take care of them. I figure they would be worth a look if they made it thru the rotting process.

At any rate, a lemon is trying to talk to me as I am trying to think and type, so before I fall into that insane heap on the floor, roll my eyes and cop an attitude, I had better go see what is terribly important.

That's all I have to say about that. For now.


  1. "Lemon trees smell so pretty and the lemon flower white, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat." That song is now running through my head. Lemons. Oh lemons! What to do with them? I am praying that your lemons become lemonade very, very soon! Love you my friend.

  2. Yes, it is time for a tall cool refreshing glass of sweet lemonade...add some laughter & friendship.... I'll bring the ice cubes & sugar as long as you have the juice, my Friend.

  3. Sounds like we need some antique retail therapy session real soon. Lets get it on the calendar before life fills it up too much.


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