Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two of My Favorite Things. . . .

These have become two of my favorite things.

I am/was an avid Miracle Whip user. There were no choices when you visited my fridge. Miracle Whip or nothing. Well, you could have mustard or ketchup if you chose. Or bring your own. I used it for years and years and years! But like everything else, the price of my favorite condiment went up. Way up. Even at WM. While shopping my new favorite grocery store - Food Lion - I saw that the Kraft Mayo with olive oil was on sale (even cheaper than Miracle Whip). So, I bit the bullet and bought it. Of course Ben thought I was buying it for the health benefits, so as any good mom would have done, I let him think it! Needless to say, once I tasted it, it had me - hook, line and sinker! I am torn. How to say goodbye to my beloved Miracle Whip. Any suggestions? Hm?

The Veggie Straws, well, now, they are the bomb! I had them at Miss Heidi's house one day. Let me just say, they are habit forming. I can't seem to stop thinking about them. The kids love them. I love that the kids love them because they aren't loaded with a lot of fat! You can have 38 of those little buggers and not feel guilty. Thirty-eight! ! That's a lot for a youngster. They think they've hit the "chip jackpot"! That's a lot for me. And can I just say one more time - I love them! They satisfy that chip craving without all that guilt. Priceless. Simply priceless.


  1. The Veggie Straws are my answer to getting my 4 to 5 vegetables a day. 4 handfuls of those babies and I can just feel the antioxidants flooding my body. I'll have to try that Mayo. I've never been a fan of Miracle Whip. I guess because my maiden name was Hellmann we just grew up on Hellmann's Mayonnaise.

  2. Oooh, I love finding new yummies! We are going to try those veggie chips for sure. I really like that mayo too. My mom had some at her house and I was able to try before ya' buy. Good stuff :) I used to go to Food Lion quite a bit since it was the closest grocery store to our house...that makes me miss Maryland! Such good memories, even going to Food Lion :)


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