Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Carrie

It's hard to find the words sometimes, so I let the Lord lead my heart.
I love you and Dan very much. Stay strong, lean on Him and He will guide you through.
Aunt Crickett

"Her Legacy"

As she sits and stares into her face
Her thoughts begin to roam
To that not long ago, far off place
And when she brought her home.

She holds her hand and smiles at her
The love, it shows so clear
She longs for the yesterdays
When she held her, oh so near.

But time has traveled past her youth
Her child has grown as well
She's a lovely young woman, yes,
And her heart begins to swell.

She's done the things a mom should do
She's taught her all she knows
Her daughter will carry on for her
Her legacy, through her will show.

Don't cry, my sweet young thing
She thinks as she holds her tight
She squeezes her hand as moms can do
And whispers, "It's going to be alright."

But cry she did, her "little girl"
The tears, they fell like rain
But all the sobs in this world
Just couldn't change a thing.

So she held her hand and smiled at her
Her love showed bright and clear
She too, lingered in the yesterdays
When she held her, oh so near.

I'll cry for you my mother sweet
She thinks as she holds her tight
As squeezes her hand like daughters do
She whispers, "It's going to be alright."

Goodbyes like this are never easy
They linger forever in the heart
But if left unsaid, the unspoken words
Could tear one's heart apart.

So hold the memories so very near
No matter how great or small
You'll find that they become more dear
They'll help you stand straight and tall.

You'll know how to love as well
The ones entrusted to your care
Your mom has taught you of such things
Her strength and love she shared.

You'll pass it forward to yours one day
You'll teach the things you know
And the legacy will continue on
As your family begins to grow.


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