Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Bad to be Blind. . . .

We had breakfast with Paul and the girls this morning. It was really nice. Near the end of the meal my phone alerted me of a text. Helena jumped up and ran to the kitchen to get my phone for me. I told her it was ok, I didn't have my glasses and probably couldn't read it anyway. But she insisted and also offered to run upstairs to get me a pair of glasses. I told her it was okay, I'd get it later, but she was already on her way out of the room. She returned with a retro-looking pair of glasses, handed them to me, whispered something in Rease's ear and stood quietly while I tried to read my text. Having the glasses wasn't any better. I couldn't read the text and one of the lenses was badly smudged. I told the girls (as they were smiling at me) that they were probably just plastic lenses and one was smudged at that. Then the giggles began as Helena took the glasses and poked her finger where a lens should be. I was not only wearing plastic lensed glasses, but one of the lenses was missing and I couldn't even tell! ! ! ! Everybody got a kick out of it. What a clever little fox she was. That stinker!

It's bad when you start to go blind. Really, really, bad.

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