Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This. . . . .

 . . . . . that's what Mama said.  I wasn't so sure I believed her.  Not initially.  But as time wears on, I find there is a lot of truth to these words.  They aren't all crazy days, now mind you.  But they sure do keep me on my toes!

 Snacks are always a treat for Baby Girl.  She finds many ways to amuse herself during snack time.  She will hold her veggie sticks sideways - can't tell ya why, and sometimes she blows thru them like a straw.  Rease is such a good big sister - sharing her after school snack - which just happens to be cereal on this particular day.  Baby Girls makes it her business to see how long she can suck thru the straw to get the chocolate flavored milk.  Anyone counting the minutes?  Rease is - she's waiting, and waiting, and waiting. . . . . .  MOM-MOM! !

One of her favorite things - something she's been doing for quite a while now - is to get into my stove drawer.  Not only does she pull the pans out, the dish towel must go too! 

It's no secret that she loves the dryer.  I left the room to put some of the folded laundry on the table (because I can't trust her long enought to go upstairs), walked back to the dryer and there it sits - pretty as you please.  And. . . the second one found it's place next to her best bud.  Can you tell he's concerned?  Can you tell she is?  Can someone explain it to me? 
Sidenote:  I found the dish towel behind the sofa ~

Cake pans aren't the only things I find in my dryer.   This poor little bunny/duck not only landed in the dryer, but she slapped him into the toy microwave.  Let's just make sure he's in there nice and secure!

When things aren't sneaking into my dryer, they are being sneaked out and claimed by "Her Majesty, the Queen of Dryerville".  This day her loyal subjects were socks.  She's not prejudiced about size, color or condition.  Nope, not her.  Not this day, anyway.

She likes sitting with her Bud.  They share a lot of traits.  Nothing worries them, they aren't afraid to "kick back", life is grand.  There's something wrong with  this  these pictures!

She's not always mischievous.  One of her most favorite things right now is "reading" her books.  She loves getting in the chair all by herself with her books.  Sometimes she drags her blankie along. She will sit for quite a bit - well quite a bit for a 16 month old.  And she loves it when her big sisters read to her.  That makes Mom-Mom happy!  Books ;)

Once in a while I will run her out of her "space" because I need to be there.  She doesn't take kindly to being re-routed.  She retaliates by taking one of the register covers off the duct in the floor.  Not good, not good at all.  I put it back on, tell her no, and place my foot on it as a warning.  Does she worry?  No, no she doesn't.  She places her little foot right beside mine, looks up and smiles -  I know what's going thru her mind - that smile doesn't' fool me - it's a warning to me that I'm might not win this battle!  I. Just. Might. Not!  Can somebody help me?  Anybody?   No?

Yep, Mama said there'd be days like this.

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