Friday, September 9, 2011

Tea Time - kinda

I must admit, I know little of the art of "Tea".  But, hey, that's perfectly fine with me. I was initially intimidated with Christie's writings for a tea blog.  So, after pondering the situation I felt it was necessary to have a little chat with myself about my ignorance.  "Self", I say, "you don't have to be an English sorta tea gal.  You just need to enjoy the tea."  Self totally agreed!

I tend to drink hot tea in the cooler months and iced tea in the warmer.  Not the same for coffee - I drink it hot and cold all year 'round.  But in my enthusiasm for experimenting with tea and trying new flavors, I found I had a plethora of teas in varying flavors, colors and caffeine choices.  So, what to do with all this tea?  What to do?   Upon occasion I carried it with me to gatherings of ladies that drink tea, and sometimes conveniently left it behind.  But most of the time it just sat in my pantry, unattended.  I felt guilty.  Very guilty.

Then, one day it hit me!  *insert light bulb here* I like ice tea, but sometimes the flavor is just plain boring.  Sooo, why not make ice tea using the flavored tea bags I have on hand?  Why on earth not?  I know this idea is NOT original, but for some unearthly reason the thought had not penetrated this head of mine  - um, no comments here, please.

So, off I went - to the pantry, gathered the participants - the sugar and tea bags, and started trying my hand at flavored iced teas.  I must say, it was a novel thought on my part.  Since flavored teas are a little more pricey than the "bulk" black or orange pekoe tea bags, I decided to mix the two in hopes that they would become best friends.  I used half black tea and half flavored tea.  Sugar to taste.  Viola.  Flavored ice tea!

I can tell you the ones I like, the ones - well, not so much, and which tea bags flubbed entirely for me.
I love the Vanilla tea.  I like the Raspberry, Blueberry and Almond blend teas.  I did not care for the Peach Mango tea.  I guess I'm not a peachy sorta gal.  I considered it a flub.  I found it is not wise to mix black and white or green teas.  And. . . . don't, I repeat, don't, use Earl Grey as a tea base.  I love, love, love hot Earl Grey, but iced - let's just say - it's a hard pill to swallow. 

I enjoy these kinds of "experiments".  They cater to my slightly off kilter side.  They make me happy - and sometimes they taste good!

Oh - I almost forgot!  I can't put my concoctions in just any ole pitcher!  No-sir-ree- bob!  I use the pitcher I picked up from an old favorite antique store - Cheryl's (the girls called it "the blue store").   Looking pretty is half of tasting pretty!  Yes indeedy!

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  1. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that there is "no wrong way to drink a cup of tea." Be it hot, cold, or lukewarm, tea is all in how you like it! So, blend on my friend! Make your tea creations your own and drink them with pride :)


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