Monday, September 19, 2011


I just finished reading a post on a dear kindred spirit's blog.  She put into words the very things that I have been pondering, talking about, or just plain trying to wrap my head around.  And she did it quite well.  To the point, no fluff or froo-froo, and most importantly ~ NO appologies.   I am one hundred percent ~ I say ~ 100%!~  with you girlfriend. 

I encourage anyone who happens to read my blog to read her post ~ embracing the curves

Christie - I hope you don't mind :) ~  but, I was so pleased and excited with this post that I felt there wasn't time to chat back and forth for me to " get permission" so, I did the next best thing ~ I used it! ! !  You can thank me later :).

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  1. My beloved Barb, you are more than welcome to use anything I write any 'ol time you want! In fact, I am flattered because I admire your writing more than anybody I know. And, that is the truth! Love you too, my kindred friend!


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