Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Poetry


The pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Of tiny feet and "baby chatter"
Comes my way in a scurry
The pitter-patter, in such a hurry.

The noise stops right in front of me.
I look down and at my knee
I see staring up into my face
The pitter-patter ~ she's found her place.

And as she smiles, her eyes so bright,
A little fire in my heart she lights.
I feel there's no other love so true,
As a baby smiling up at you.

Then as quickly as she scurried,
From my knees she then hurried
Back to her world full of wonder,
Leaving me there, yet to ponder.

I stand there listening to her feet,
Pitter-pattering to the beat
Of life's adventurous, melodic song
Just the sound ~ it rights all wrong.

So as I hear those little sounds
That pitter-patter across the ground.
And chatters made for no special reason,
I know these days too, are but a season.


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