Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Helloooo Nooovemmmber ! ! !

Well, October has packed up, lock, stock and barrel, and headed on out of Dodge.  However, I, we, somebody, did manage to get a few pics of the kiddos ~ big and little ~ for Halloween.

This is my boy.
He wanted to go
as a "Nerd".
Everyone thought
he looked liked Buddy
Holly! I thought  he
looked like Mark B. on
DWTS!  No one knew
who he was, but they
sure knew who Buddy
Holly was!  What a strange
bunch of kids!

The girls were a little easier to identify:

Rease ~ a Witch ~ hey, where's her hat?!

Baby Girl ~ a Raven's cheerleader ~ pom-poms?

Skyler ~ a Princess fairy ~ um, wings?

Goldilocks ~ a Soccer ref ~ all there ~ type A personality.

Then we have Mama.  Don't ask  . . . .  don't know. 

I do know ~ Ben gave her the coat many moons ago for
Christmas because she simply had to have it.  She pulled
it out of the closet to keep from freezing to death last night!

In her defense, it was cold, and she does look spiffy in it!

I am glad that day is O.V.E.R!

Now that November has arrived, I am able to justly set my sights on Thanksgiving.

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