Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Watch TV?

Let me count the ways:

1.  You grab a cup and hit the floor for Mickey!

 2.  You get "ticked" because you can't do what you want, so you do the next best thing:
     lounge, pout and watch TV.

3.  After your morning nap and lunch, you get up and dance with Jungle Junction!

4.  You get miffed because you can't do what you want, so you lie on the floor, prop your
feet up, suck your thumb and snuggle with your blankie
 and do the next best thing:  watch TV

5.  Once you get over your "spell", you decide all's right with the world
and sit on your pony, and you guessed it:  watch TV

Now, lest you think that's all Baby Girl does, just let me enlighten you.  All the above, added together,
maybe topped out at ten minutes. (all day long)  The remaining eight hours and forty-five minutes included, but were not limited to:

1.  Get down
2. Don't touch that
3. Sit still in that chair
4.  Don't stand in that chair!
5.  No
6.  I.  Said. No.
7.  What did I say?
8.  Stop that before you get hurt.
9.  Put that down.
10.  Leave those things alone.
11.  What are you doing?
12.  Wheeeerrre arrrre yoooou?
13.  Piper!
14.  Put.  That.  Back. 
15.  NOW
16.  Don't throw your cup.
17.  Piper Riley.
18.  It's naaap tiiiiime! !

Oh, and there's lunch in there, and two naps.  And the angels sang!

We are planning to drop cable.  What will Baby Girl do?  Aside from the fact that she only watches minimal TV, she will be doing the following:

Developing her imagination, not that she needs much help in that department, but, hey, I can try!

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  1. Looks like Piper and Liam like to spend their days in much the same way ;)


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