Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Thought I Was "Quirky"!

Well, maybe I am, a little.  I love glass.  It's no secret.  All kinds of glass ~ but most specifically, OLD glass! I even get caught up on jars, especially if they are functional or pretty.  Wal-Mart's salsa comes came in Mason jars with measurements on them.  I was intrigued with that, hence, the quirky part of me. How can I re-use these babies?  Hmm. . .   Sometimes I couldn't and, to my angst, they found their way to the land fill.  And then there's the Vlasic Pickle jars with the cute scroll work across the top.  I fell in love with that!  I have a very large one that I made Jenny save for me a few years ago.  I store pasta in it.  I wub it!


As for OLD glass, I would have just about every kind out there if I could.  I would have a plethora of dinner dishes, ones for every season, holiday or event!  I would have to have a small house to just store them.   I am very fond of depression glass and old crystal.  I only have a few pieces of depression glass.  My favorite piece is a pink cake plate.  It has snow flakes etched in it.  It came from Benny Wells' Auction many years ago.  My ex got it in a box lot for a song. 

I have a small collection of milk glass.  Part mine and part Mrs. Rease's.  I love that too.  Then there are odds and ends.  Some I shall share over on my other blog, because they came from my mom's house, or I got them a very long time ago. I do regret one thing ~  my sister, Donna, gave me a set of old crystal goblets, some short, some tall, many moons ago.  I used them for quite some time.  But, for whatever unknown, unspeakable reason, I got rid of them!  I can only sigh and move on :).  Shot myself in the foot on that one.

A fruit bowl I got eons ago, along with the only two pieces left to a
spice set.
I use them as salt and pepper shakers.

I have come to embrace using all my pretties. It was hard at first.  What good are they just sitting on the shelf collecting dust (and gnats right now)?  So, something gets broken.  Life goes on.  It is after all, no matter how old or pretty, just glass.

God knew what He was doing when He put me on a strict budget!  Yes, yes He did!  But He allows me to look and be practical as I can be.

I love these plates.  They are leaf shaped with a
raised vein pattern on them.  Perfect for fall!
Oh, and that's an old syrup or vinegar cruet.

And . . . I thought I was alone in this love of glass.  But as it turns out, a blog I am following expressed the same emotion, only better!  That's what triggered this post! !

Ahhh. . . . be still my beating heart!

PS ~ For kicks and giggles, let's throw glass door knobs in the mix!  Did you know they make wonderful curtain rod finials?  Yep, that's right.


  1. A great big "Like" to this post my friend! I am so with you on the glass love. I feel guilty when I throw away alfredo jars! Glass is just so lovely :)

  2. Yes, you even convinced me to buy a vinegar jar!! Who knew there was such a thing. No don't you go winning that banana plate from Susan Branch--I entered and expect to win!!


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