Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer 2012 ~ Part 4

On the road ~ again.  I hate good-byes.  Just hate them.

To take my mind off things I decided to try to photograph old barns along the way.  Seeing those old tobacco barns in Lexington triggered my excitement, but alas, I wasn't quick on the draw when it came to snapping the pics and I didn't get any of the tobacco barns.  My brain was daydreaming elsewhere I guess, but I did get other barns.

This is an example of some that I snapped as we moved merrily, but very quickly, along.  I love that you can see their age and purpose.  That they are still being used.  They stand like old friends, devoted to someone and their job.  I think I developed a love affair with barns on the trip home. 

We decided to take the alternate route home this trip.  Alternate being I-81 instead of whatever it was we took to get to KY.   I like this route.  It's a trucker's route.  It has inclines and declines that make your vehicle cry.  It has curves around the mountains that make you think for sure you're going to kiss your backside at any moment.  But it has some precautionary measures too.

The little yellow sign indicates a 7% decline.  Ultimately, you feel like you're going to top out
at ~ let's say ~ 125mph 500mph. 
All backseat drivers with good breaking skills are encouraged to use them!
Notice the vehicle in front of us? Yea, having a hard time staying in one lane.  I feel his pain.
Coming up the incline, however, I felt I could get out and run faster.  Just sayin'. 
It's really hard on your car, truck, van. . . . . .your heart.

This little sign tells you something your body already knows ~ for the next 1.25 miles you are going around a curve that could cause your car to come off two wheels (or more).  Please drive at 55mph.
Can we say: "kissing our tail lights here"?

Then we have these little gems tucked along the way for
comfort, reassurance and, well, in case you've topped out at
your maximum speed and things are looking a little hairy. 
They are designated for the "Big Rigs",
 but at 500mph, I have no pride!
But the real reason (as if taking our lives into our own hands isn't enough) we come this way is this little gem:

The coolest rest stop I have ever seen.  It looks like something straight out
of the "Jetsons"!  It is a circular building with a court yard in the middle. It is
full of little shops featuring local artisans.  Pottery, furniture, fishing stuff, books,
nic-nacs, quilts, clothing, artwork, food ~ including a kiosk featuring Greenbrier.
Too many items to mention.  I could browse all day in this place. 
Most items are quite pricey ~ but the hand made quality can't be beat!
But, alas, window shopping must come to an end and we need to resume our homeward bound journey.  We are getting road weary (and a little woozy from all those ups-n-downs and round-n-rounds) and we all know ~ Time waits for no man.
So off we go ~ toward the Eastern Sho'.
 To break the everlasting boredom of the road, (yes, barns were eluding me)  I set my sights on other things to snap.  These looked like good specimens:

Who says water towers are hum-drum?
And then the occasional puffy cloud animal:
Baby Elephant in the sky
How'd you get up there so high?
And some twelve plus hours later we arrive in good ol' Hebron.
But, "be it ever so humble, there's no place like home". 
Unless, it's KY.
Then starts our summer back  here at the ranch.

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