Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweet Surprise

Sometimes it's the little surprises that have the most impact. 
Like last night for example.   Bob and I went to the PO after picking up our regular Friday night pizza. We hadn't been since Hope left on the 1st of August.  The sad thing is ~ the PO is across the street!  For the shame of it all!

As I'm sorting thru the mail, separating mine, Kelly's and Ben's, I run across a card addressed to me:
I'm excited and curious at the same time.  It's printed like an invitation, and seeing who it's from really makes me curious.  She just graduated ~ so that can't be it.  I don't even want to entertain any other kinds of ideas.   Noooo Ma'am.  Not gonna.  Excited because the stamp is a rooosterrrr!
Couldn't wait to get home to open it!  Pizza can wait.  Cards cannot.

Can I tell you when I looked inside I was giddy with joy?  (It wasn't "the other kinds of possibilities"!  PTL! ! )  This is what greeted me:

Let me just say, love is an understatement!  I tear up just writing this.  Such a blessing to end my week! How she managed to find a card that fit was just too cool!   But then I open the card ~ and this is what I see:

Can I just cry now and be done with it? 
Surprise doesn't quite fit the bill.  I was elated!
This isn't a store bought card at all ~ which is the icing on the cake because these are HER words!

I flipped it over to see what program she used to make it. 

And ~ hellloooo:

All I can do is smile.

Thank you Alicia for such kind and thoughtful words.
I love you so very much!
So.  Very.   Much.


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  1. What a beautiful, perfect surprise! I am gonna check out American Greetings for sure :)


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