Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summertime . . .

It seems it took For. Ev. Er.  for summer to get here!  For.  Ev.  Er!
But, boy when it did, it flew in like it owned the place.  I really enjoyed the cooler days and even cooler nights, but now we have been smacked in the forehead with 90 plus temps.  "Hotter 'n the hinges on hell's gates!" as Kelly would say.  But the kids are enjoying the pool.  Their gingerbread color is proof.  I'm sure Kelly and Paul have stock in the sunscreen industry.
June was an easy, cool month for the most part.

They swam, and Itty Bitty started learning the doggie paddle.


Reasy Peacy's Birthday Party

They played Yard Twister

Then we slid into the heat wave month of July! 
HOT, RAINY and HUMID! Not necessarily in that order.  Miserable, but we're surviving.  Family for the Fourth has become a tradition here.  We ate, swam, ate some more, and watched fireworks from the comfort of our deck, and all the while we are swatting the mosquitoes that the monsoons have unleashed upon us this year.  Needless to say, bug spray was a precious commodity!

There's a birthday party about to happen today, too!

Each year our little town has a "parade".  Bicycles are
patriotically decorated and paraded around town! 
Some of our gang - out front waiting to cheer them on! 
Gotta love a little town.

Our fireworks were held on the 5th this year . . . .
due to our share of goodness getting detained by DOT and delaying the whole thing!  Some of the family got to come back to enjoy good times.  Some didn't . . . .

Bomb Pops are the bomb!


A friend from afar with us this go-round.
Goldilocks, Reasy Peacy, Itty Bitty, Jenny from Ohio, and
Miss Corrinna.

And today Goldilocks and her big sister, Reasy Peacy, left for a week long camp in Stevensville, MD.
It's right on the Chesapeake Bay.  Can I just say.  "I'm jealous of the view."?  Wouldn't you be?

Two weeks into the month.  Summer in full swing.  So much more to do.  But before we know it, we will be school shopping and getting ready for that fabulous season called "Fall". 


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