Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vintage Vibe

I know you know that I love all things glass ~ and vintage (well, not ALL things vintage, but a good amount).  And I love finds, steals, gifts from family and friends and, aaand, a "shout out" from a kindred spirit on Pinterest!

Have you ever wanted something when you saw it?  Ogled over it?  Wanted it?  Couldn't afford it? Never got it, but it was always in the back of your mind?  I would say, "One day. . .. one day, I shall have one".  Well.  A month or so ago I was playing with paper at Dolly's house and before I left she sent Miss Sarah to the attic to fetch something.  Down came the following:

"Would you like this?" she asks.  Say what?  Be still my beating heart!  Why, yes, YES I WOULD!
You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Oh, Dolly!  Thank you so, so much! Insert Happy Dance! Ahhh. . . . chippy love!   I have pondered for a while as to how to use it. 
I'm sure the perfect thing will come to mind, but if not, I love 'er the way she is!

Then a couple weekends ago the Lion's Club here in town had a "community yard sale" in their building.  I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to go and finally caved around 11:30AM.  I know from experience that all things good and pretty and valuable are usually gone in a matter of minutes.  So I figured I was just going on a scenic tour of the place.  (I've  never been in their building before.)

But someone, aka: God, was watching out for me and my addiction!  Just look at what I came home with (all for under five buckeroos!):

Not one, but two, serving dishes!  $1.00 each.  They are pretty good sized.  Larger than a relish tray. The pattern is called "Star of David".  Told ya He was watchin' out for me.  Used them on the 4th.
Two little candle holders that I'm going to turn into pin cushion bases.  They are heavy as lead and very, very sparkly. And they were only a quarter each.
And lastly, (Heidi Jane ~ I can't believe it!) a tiny little Banana bowl!  That's right.  A.  Banana. Bowl.  It's a pressed diamond cut kind of pattern.  Cute.  Shiny. And tiny.  For ~ hold on ~ two smakeroos! Two!   Ahhh. . . . . Happy Jig! Happy Jig!

On our Annual 4th of July get together my sister surprised me with these:

Like my old Maxwell House coffee jars, they are vintage and they came from Dad's. (All but the little one in front ~ she picked it up at a thrift store).  The star lid on the little one belongs on one of the bigger jars, but the OCD in me wanted consistency.  (go ahead and laugh) The lids even have the old cardboard seals still in them!  I asked her why she gave them to me and you know what she said?  Because I said I liked them and if she ever got rid of them I would like them.  Now, how's that for sharing?  I'm going to use them on patriotic holidays for sure!  Already have it planned out in my noggin.  I love the scene on them ~ a kitchen counter with a window, a coffee mill, a coffee pot, a jar of coffee, utensils, a loaf of sliced bread and a vase of flowers.  Love it!

And then, today.  I'm on Pinterest and see I'm mentioned in a pin by my Kindred Spirit on the West Coast of this here United States of America.  She thought of little ole me when she pinned this:

It's an old Coke carrier like the one I have, only this gal ( put shelves in hers to hold pretties.  She even used black, white and red accents!  Can we say: "Oooooo, ahhhhh"?   It was sweet of Christie to think of me after reading my blog post about my Coke carrier.
Even sweeter that she remembered!

Life is too short not to enjoy things around us. It's too short not to share your love, your heart, your talent, your spirit and the things that connect us to one another.  Every day it seems I'm reminded of those that God has led into my life, be it for the long haul or for short stints.  I'm grateful for each and every one, even if I fail to say it.  I feel sometimes I am a miserable friend.  Sometimes I fall short ~ but mostly I just fall.  Flat.

Forgive me?
I love you guys!

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  1. Oh, how I wish we could go vintage shopping together. We would be the real "American Pickers!"


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