Monday, September 30, 2013

A Look Back at September Through Pictures

This month has flown by ~ way to quickly.  So here's the "lowdown" of how our life "went down" during September:

Our South Paw had to come to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's just to rest
Itty Bitt is really itty bitty!
Squashing the ants (long "A" sound here) on Uncle Ben's boat
Audrey Dog thinks my sewing space is her window to the world!  Get.  Off. Now.
A Sweet Pea named Missy gave ME raspberry jam and a bouquet of flowers
from her very own yard!  Thank you!
My washer went up so I was able to snag these from Kellifer.
Again. . . . Thank you!
We've confirmed Itty Bitty is a klepto thief.
I got to go to an estate sale as well as a barn sale!
Scored big time!  These are only a couple of goodies from
the estate sale.
We got to watch our South Paw play some fall ball!
Of course,  there was some playing with cotton, some birthday stuff, some a LOT of school and the everyday mundane stuff ~ you know ~ laundry, cleaning, cooking. . . . . .

So that pretty much sums up September this year.  Hopefully October will just casually stroll along.  Hopefully.

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