Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yet, Another Snow Day

There's snow on the ground.  Again. It snowed the night before last and school was canceled yesterday as well as today. Add that to the fact that they didn't go at all last week.  And it's so cold out there the girls can't even go out and play, lest they freeze solid as an ice cube.  It's even been in the negative digits.  We all know that means we have to find something to do inside - besides stay in our pajamas all day - again.   So Goldilocks and I have been doing a book report.  It's due tomorrow - that is if they go to school. 

Here's the work in progress:

She had to use a shoe box - put the name of the book and the author on the lid - decorate the sides with scenes from the book (she really had to think on this one since the book wasn't illustrated) and she had to put six items inside the box that represented something from the story and tell how they were relevant.  She then has to summarize the book.  We are she is almost done.  Only one more item for the inside and the summary.  I hope I get she gets a good grade!

Reasey Peacy is working on a denim pillow for her bed. 

 She has to wait eons for the puff paint to dry before she can continue on!   But she's cool with it 'cause she's got "Bones" on Netflix, her knitting and that trendy rubber band bracelet thingy to keep her occupied.

All in all, it has been a peaceful day.  Cold, but peaceful.

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