Tuesday, February 4, 2014

She Had A Dream . . .

She, being, my Goldilocks.  We've been having some weirder than weird dreams around here lately.  Don't know why, but they have been doozies!  

A couple days ago Ben and I were discussing this anomaly and sharing our dreams.  Goldilocks, being nosey attentive, chose to share hers.  Here it is as best I can relate it:

"I dreamt that when I got off the school bus it was the same, but different.  Across the street where Larry's fence is there was a row of bathrooms.  There was this old woman following me and she had my violin and backpack and wouldn't give it back to me.  I was following Ben and he turned around and said: 'Why are you following me?' I tried to tell him the old woman had my violin and I wanted it back.  Then he went into one of the bathrooms. When he came out I asked him to get my stuff back.  After I got my stuff I started walking toward home and the old lady jumped on my back and started doing the "giddy up" motion to make me walk faster.  I finally shook her off and ran home!  Mom-mom, she was a short old lady with white curly hair! She scared me to death!" 

And as my Goldilocks was re-living this terror, her voice was all rapid and breathy.  When she finally came to a place where she could catch her breath she calmly, but matter of factly,  said to me:  "I need a dream catcher."    I told her I was pretty sure they were only for looks and really didn't work.  She politely informed me that Natalie had one hanging over her bed and she  NEVER  has dreams.   Well, there you go.  The proof is in the dream catcher.

So, being the sensitive grandmother that I am, I found her a little something today at Salvation Army for a whopping twenty-five cents.  (apparently it didn't fit the bill for the previous owner).

Her very own. . . .

. . .  Dream Catcher!
She was thrilled!  As a matter of fact I think her very words were:  "Thank the Lord!"    What can ya say?

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