Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sick Day

Mama took a sick day today.  Not this Mama, but Itty Bitty's Mama.  She kept her  home with her.  It gave me some unexpected free time and several calls from Itty Bitty's Mama.  She didn't need my help, but she did need to share:

It seems Itty Bitty decided to amuse herself while Mama was hanging curtains. (Mama was feeling better by late morning)  She decided she needed a baggie on her feet (one baggie on her ten little toes), and as she scooted up behind Mama as she was hanging said curtains, sighed a sigh of relief as she told her Mama:   "Made it."  Good.  Gravy.  Marie!

Note:  It was a pajama day for Itty Bitty.  That is until she decided to dress herself, which was okay with Mama.  She had chosen her pink and blue UK shirt with her Batman shirt to wear over top of  it and Mama put a pair of gray leggings on her.  She informed Mama that she needed a pair of socks, so Mama let her go to retrieve a pair.  When this Itty Bitty came back, here is how she looked:

She had ditched the gray leggings and put on these pink tights (backwards, mind you) and her sneaks.
When Mama asked her why she put them on, her reply was simple:  "They match."   There you go, you got it. 

Mama doesn't want to go back to work.  She wants to enjoy every minute of this.  And I can't blame her.  Itty Bitty does and says so much in a day's time that it's hard to remember and keep up with it all.  I take it for granted.  But Mama, Mama on the other hand, only gets snippets of these treasures. 
I have to remember that. 

It is hard on moms working away from the home.  They miss so much.  I do not envy them.  Well ~ sometimes.  Sometimes when I need grown up language.   Or a nap!

Update:  Mama just called and is coming by to pick up some things for her house while she waits for Goldi  and  Reasy to get home from school.  I advised her that Itty Bitty needed some pants on her legs because it is quite cold out there.  I heard her try to convince Baby Girl to put on some pants, but to no evail, because, according to her, she had on "sock pants".   Alrighty then.

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