Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mr. Webster

If you know me, specifically if you are of school age, you know I love the dictionary.  It should be required reading for everyone.  The girls hate it when they need to know what something means or how to spell a word and I send them to the dictionary.  "How am I suppose to look it up if I can't spell it?" they always ask.  Well, if you know what it begins with and how it sounds, you should be able to find it.  Did I say they H. A. T. E. it?  

Up until this past fall most of the dictionaries here were collegiate dictionaries with very small print and hard to use.  You can only imagine how elated I was to find a Children's Dictionary at a Goodwill in Lexington for FIFTY whole CENTS! Practically brand new!  Goldilocks was thrilled when I presented it to her.  I would find her "reading" it at any given time.  The print is kid friendly and it has pictures for some of the words!  Score! !

All was going well until one night when Goldilocks was doing definitions for spelling.  We hit a very, very unexpected snag.  Pages 640 thru 672 were MIA! !  Gone were the last half of the "R's" and the beginning of the "S's".  By the looks of how it was bound, they were NEVER there to begin with.  What a bummer dude.

Where's this going?   Well, yesterday, I went thrifting with Divine Di and Bert.  Both heard the story about the dictionary.  Both love books.  That's the first place they gravitate towards.  (the glass sections scream for me)  So being the attentive good friend that she is, Bert found another Children's Dictionary.  It's a little different, but still nice and illustrated.  And . . . . it was a big fat QUARTER.

Goldi was a smidge skeptical I think, but I figured if anything was MIA in this one, between the two, we could combine and have a complete dictionary. Unless, of course, it's "R" thru "S".  Then we'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Hey, don't laugh ~ you know that's genius.  But, if all is here, then I have a nice "cut up" book.  Win, win, don't you think? 

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