Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Monster Mile

Warning:  Definitely picture overload and potentially wordy. 

Some time ago Kelly won tickets to the Monster Mile from a country radio station.  She gave them to Bob.  He was thrilled.   But life being busy as it is he came down to the wire on the dates he had left to go.  So he chose this weekend.   All was well and good 'til this morning when he started doubting this escapade.  Worry will do that to you.  

Kelly, Ethan and the girls met us here at 8:30AM  (didn't even finish my second cup-o-joe) and we were off, on our way to the Monster Mile in Dover, DE!

We had to be there an hour early.  To add to the nerves, we had to stop for gas, coffee and grub for the girls.  The traffic was horrible and Ethan missed his turn into the track.  I think Bob was ready to turn back then but the boy and I held firm.


Upon arrival drivers/riders checked in at one station,

Already checked in ~ waiting in line. 
Nerves setting in.

while the fan club checked in and signed waivers on the other side.

 One shuttle took the drivers/riders,
Looks like he's walking the Green Mile
at the Monster Mile.
while another shuttle took the fan club members.
 I rode "shotgun".  This is the only picture I got.
 Once he banked the shuttle and I slid towards
the middle, I figured it was time to hang on for dear life!
No, the camera is not at an angle.  We are!
 As spectators we were able to go into the "pit area".  There were restrooms
and places to buy souvenirs and snacks.  The fan club could even sit in the
race cars before the laps if they wanted to.  Once our driver/rider
suited up and started his run we could watch from the building
roof top!  You could see them go all the way around.

Bob had orientation along with the other driver/riders.
After orientation the riders went with the pros.
Then the drivers rode a couple laps with the pros
just to get the "hang of it".  Yep, that's was
the word on the street.
Pay attention boys and girls

The Golden Ticket
Suiting up

Climbing in

Headin' out
I don't think he's sold on the idea any more.  I think IF anybody
had suggested he could quit he would have left a dust trail.
But, we were diligent in our pep talks and encouragements
('cause we weren't the ones loading up in that car!).
Now, for the big boy games! !
Check it out
 It's okay.  You'll do fine.  Just don't drive like an old lady! And.  . . remember ~
watch the pace car, don't get too close or too far behind,
don't hit the wall, stay off the asphalt,
stay in your designated area,
watch the guy with the flag hanging over the track!
He is VERY important will let you know if
you mess up! ! ! !
All that said, go and have fun.
Don't worry.   Be happy.
Pose and Load

Start the Engine!!

And he's off!
No  turning back now! ! !
Comin' back around . . .

Coming into the pit area at the end of his 15 lap solo.

 It was really cool to see him coming along behind the pace car.  Yea, he had to have a pace car even though he drove by himself.  Everybody did.  Helps keep 'em safe.  :)
This was his pace car.
All in all it was a great morning.  Bob survived to tell about it. 
I'm so glad he went.
He can mark that one off his bucket list!
The weather was perfect ~ overcast and cool
It didn't start raining until after we left.
We topped off our excursion with lunch at a neat place called "Cheddars".
Good food!
Now we are in a food coma, chillin' on this rainy afternoon.
Thank you Kelly for making this happen.
Thank you Ethan for lunch.
Thank you girls for being good.
Thank you Ben for pushing your dad along.
And thank you God for a wondrous day!

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  1. Oh, how fun! My boys would have flipped out! What a neat family experience :)


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