Thursday, August 18, 2016

Facebook Nonsense

Sometimes a post will pop up on FB that affords some kind of "scenario" ~ so to speak.  This one passed my itty bitty eyeballs yesterday.  Couldn't help myself.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, in this case, I have to agree.

Happy birthday to my favorite golfer, boy, person and just my favorite everything! Can't wait to celebrate 17 with you!!! 💕 p.s. Please don't hate me because of that pic
Kristina Frischkorn Happy birthday Alan!! Hope you have fun celebrating
Barbara Walton Rease I think I like this guy. I think I do! Tell him "Happy Birthday" from the Eastern Shore!
Hope Elisabeth Vain He says thank you and says he wants to meet you!!!
Barbara Walton Rease Hope ~ Is he sure he's ready to get aboard the Crazy Train?! It's not for the weak of heart, or faint of mind. I's one continuous circle with no stops. We just grab people as we go around . . . and on occasion throw someone off. No refunds, return trips or destination changes. Let him be warned!
Hope Elisabeth Vain Barbara Walton Rease I think he for sure I shall warn him about this! But we aren't that crazy
Barbara Walton Rease Hope ~ says the girl who's dating a guy wearing a dress and a necklace in one pic and in another looks like he could drool on your face at any moment. I think he'll find the perfect seat on our train ~ right next to you. Don't be in denial! lol
Hope Elisabeth Vain Barbara Walton Rease that is true, that is true!
Barbara Walton Rease Hope ~ I love you! ! !
Hope Elisabeth Vain Barbara Walton Rease I love you and miss you very much
Barbara Walton Rease I miss you too! Summer was waaay too short. One week just doesn't cut it anymore, does it? Trying to figure out when I can sneak away for a visit.
Hope Elisabeth Vain Barbara Walton Rease if this doesn't convince you then idk what does, but you can meet the boy in the dress😉
Barbara Walton Rease Well, I think I'm convinced ~ now to work on plans!

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