Friday, September 2, 2016

Spray and Scary Things

Yesterday I re-brushed Itty Bitty's hair.  It was a hot mess, so her Mama asked me to re-do it before I sent her off to school.  I brushed it and pulled it up in a pony tail.  She has these little baby hairs that float around her face and are only cute for a minute before they become a full blown nuisance. I sent her up to grab the hair spray so I could tame her locks.  We make sure to cover eyes and her face when I spray.  When I was done I sent her back with the hair spray.  She came down and promptly asked me:

P:  "What happens if you get hair spray in your eyes?"
Me: "It would probably sting your eyes.  I think it has alcohol in it.  That's why we cover your eyes."
P:  "But what would happen?"
Me:  "Probably burn."
P:  "Would it make your eyes stick open?" 
Me:  (didn't see that coming).  "No, but it could make your eyelashes stiff, I suppose."

Itty Bitty's conversation on the 8th of August.

So it goes:
P:  " I cried yesterday."
Me:  "Why?"
P:   "Efan told me I would never see you again.  You got a new job."
Me:  Puzzeled
P:  "He said you got a job with the jury."
Me:  Thinking: "I knew this 'jury thing' was no good"

All because she wouldn't eat her dinner.  She's such a pokey little thing.
I told her she had to eat, otherwise she wouldn't grow up strong and pretty.

A little bit later she came to me and told me Efan (Mr. Beefy) was scared of the ghost of Jimmy Johnson.  I'm not sure where my mind may have traveled on this one. 
So it goes:

P:  "Efan's afraid of the Ghost of Jimmy Johnson."
Me:  Puzzled (again)
P:  "He said Jimmy Johnson wouldn't eat his dinner and he starved to death.  He died.  And Efan's afraid of him.  He has a sister, Jenny Johnson.  She didn't die.  She ate her food."
Me:  *in my head - alrighty then.
Me:  "Well, there you go.  Eat your food, lest you wind up like Jimmy Johnson."

Later at lunch I heard her making ghost sounds while she was eating. 

Mama said there'd be days like these.  Yep, she did.

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