Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Card Day - Heidi Style

Yesterday was World Card Day. And in celebration of that, Heidi invited several gals over to "play" in Narnia. (She has a "wardrobe full of all things wonderful in the world of stamping.) According to her, she had enough paper for everybody in the world to make a card. That's pretty deep. So we came to the aid of our dear friend - not to let it be said that we sat idly by and watched this dear stamper get buried under mounds of paper, ribbon, glue, glitter, stamps, ink, and all kinds of doo-dads! No sir - we jumped in, both feet, holding hands and breath and eyes sparkling with excitement and challenge and did our best to help her break free of the sticky hold that paper can sometimes have on us! ! Never once did we let the fact that we, too, could be buried ourselves -consumed - nope - we sacrificed, toiled away at the stacks of paper and all the trimmings that were there, doing our best to lighten the "load" for our friend in need, and she was just so gracious - she just kept sharing ideas on how to use that paper and all those bobbles - unseemingly endless possibilities on the crafting of paper. By the end of the evening some of the ladies were so driven that they were even finding ways to utilize the shiny and sparkly stuff in ways that we didn't think possible with items that you would never imagine. Just think of it - glitter, shiny,sticky paper and packing tape - now tell me - how many people are going to come up with Christmas ornament ideas using those items? ? ? Well it happened, right before our eyes! ! How did we manage to toil all those hours - "wading" thru the treasure trove of stamping paraphernalia? We were very well fed - yep, that was the reward for our "labor of love". Chili, mac-n-cheese, apples & dip, yummy garlic crackers, pretzels with kisses :), brownies, cake, coffee, teas, and juices - oh my word, we could have "worked" all night. But even our toiling had to come to an end - as with all good things. So we gathered the results of our labor - our very own hand made treasures, bid our good nights and gave our hugs, and on the way out of Narnia, looking over our shoulder at the small dent we had made in the paper and bobbles, hid our smiles, for we knew we would be back to tackle the task again - someday! !


  1. Come play in Narnia anytime. The paper and ribbon supply hasn't even had a dent put into it. I'm glad we were able to celebrate this World event together.

  2. It was wonderful celebrating the day together with ladies who enjoy getting together to laugh as well as be creative.
    Thanks Barb for sharing the day in words & pix. Thanks Heidi for opening your home for us to play in Narnia.
    Looking forward to the next get together!

  3. Sounds like you ladies had a great time. . .


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