Monday, February 8, 2010

The Loose Tooth

In childhood, it is a rite of passage to lose teeth. It is a must - it confirms that you are growing up.

Rease has (had) a loose tooth and she worked on it all day long. She wiggled, she pushed, and she pulled on it. It was painful, but she was determined to win the battle - and of course, there is the "monetary reward" at the end for such a struggle. As she is struggling with this tooth she looks at me and kind of giggles and then says: "I get all hot and things go up my back." ? ? ? okay . . .
I don't normally write about lost teeth unless there is something unusual about the incident. Other than her little tidbit of info on how wiggling that thing made her feel, it was pretty much run of the mill tooth losing (if there is such a phrase).

I really didn't pay much attention to which tooth it was, other than to note it was on the bottom.

She managed to get it out just after dinner. We were kinda worried she might eat the thing.

When she popped it out and got it cleaned up, she brought it to Kelly and proudly showed off her trophy. As Kelly is looking at this she realized Rease had lost her "fused" tooth (teeth). She had two baby teeth come in that were fused together! Even the dentists were impressed when they saw it (them) - it is apparently a rare thing. Rease didn't care - two teeth - double the bounty!
Tooth Fairy even makes out - she can pick up two teeth in one! ! !

The picture isn't super clear, but you can see the indent at the bottom and the two root caps at the top.

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