Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been in a bit of a "funk", if you will, lately. I recognize the signs and know when to let this "sadness" have it's way and when to move on. I'm nearing the "moving on" stage and it feels good. I did, however, put into words how I was feeling today. This is one of two poems that made way into my brain this morning. Sadness is a heavy thing - so read at your own risk. I'm putting it out there because it is what I need to do - for me - to move on - so I can smile - easily - again - soon.


A sadness knocks upon my door
Blown in from some distant shore
Asking bravely to enter in
Seeking someone to befriend.

I don't want this "friendly" ghost
I don't want to be the host
To a feeling that's quite bold
One that leaves you feeling cold.

I attempt to close the door on him
Trying to ignore this pushy friend
And turn my sights to brighter things
Of promises that Joy can bring.

As I note the contrast of the two
As different as the dust is from the dew
The choice seems so crisp and clear
Of the one to draw near.

But joy lets sadness have it's turn
For she knows that she will spurn
His little tryst upon my heart
And in his place she will dart.

And thus I've come to realize
As I look thru saddened eyes
That joy is but a smile away
From her foe any given day.

So I focus as best I can
On joy's gifts, those at hand
And bid farewell to sadness here
And cling to joy's treasures dear.



  1. Have visits myself from that "friend" on occasion. Always unbidden and always very unwelcome. Thank you for sharing that we are not alone in these things and that joy does come in the morning. Love you :)

  2. You do have a wonderful way with words, my dear. May the sadness you are feeling be very short lived and may the joy approaching you engulf you so your sadness is completely forgotten.


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