Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes. . . .

. . . you just can't wait.

This morning as I was fixing Piper's cereal, I put her in her bouncy seat. She likes it and I figured it would keep her occupied the three or four minutes it would take to get her breakfast ready. I could hear her "complaining" so I tried to hurry. It does no good to try to feed an angry be`be`. When I arrived upon said be`be`, this is how I found her:

Sound asleep. No two ways about it. She was out on her feet. Literally. I did manage to get her awake enough for her cereal, but the bottle - well, it went down the drain. That little gal slept 'til noon!

Oh, the joys of grand-mother-hood!


  1. Ha! Barb, that is too cute! Man, I wish my kids would fall asleep like that...I would dance a jig ;)

  2. Such a treasure for you to be able to be there to take care of your little granddaughters. Priceless for all 3 generations!!

  3. Man oh man! Do I know that feeling!! You never can go fast enough. Even if it is just for 30 seconds. But at least she is a happy baby and takes good naps for Mom-Mom. Love you!


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