Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Poetry

"The Leaves of Fall"

Fall's leaves are blowing thru the air
Like bright, electric snow.
Scurrying across the waiting ground
With no particular place to go.

They pay no heed to daily tasks
Such things, as humans do.
Only falling from the trees around
So earth can start anew.

When night does fall they gather close
On the ground, 'tis where they'll rest.
Waiting for that cool crisp air
That becomes a blanket upon their chest.

When the sun shines upon them in the morn
They'll be heavy laden with night's frost.
It has settled upon their quietness
But not all is counted loss.

They'll glisten as the sun shines bright
While on the ground they lay.
Waiting for the suns' sweet warmth
To drive the dew away.

Then they'll hustle excitedly
Across the ground some more.
Much like the startled geese
Headed for distant shores.

Until such time the earth reclaims
Them back to the dirt below,
They will journey in the fall
Allowing their colors to richly glow.

And we will be most sweetly blessed
If we but stop to enjoy
What God has put upon His earth
For every man, woman, girl and boy.


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