Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas the Day of Christmas. . . .

Twas the day of Christmas
And all thru my house
The critters were stirring,
And somewhere, someplace, even a mouse!

The children had long since sprang from their bed
Forgotten, the sugar plums that danced in their heads.
They had an agenda ~ it was plain to see
They wanted those gifts left under the tree!

Santa had come sometime in the night
He came and he left ~ to continue his flight.
And along with the presents he'd left  'neath the tree
He had filled up the stockings, for the girls, all three.

The reindeer ate the snack left on the roof
As the girls dozed off waiting for the sound of their hooves
And Santa ate up his cookies and drank up his milk
He enjoyed it all ~ without any guilt!


The hustle, the bustle that Christmas does bring
Builds utmost excitement and makes their hearts sing
They anxiously wait for this day to arrive
It's like riding the carousel and grabbing the prize.


And when all the paper and bows had been removed
And we patted our backs for not coming unglued,
And there was nothing left for the kidlings to unwrap
Some people settled in for a long, mid morning nap!

So I must say as the night begins to fall,
May God richly bless you ~ one and all!
For the birth of His Son is the true reason
We, as a family, celebrate this season!

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