Sunday, December 11, 2011

"The Village of Quantico" 22nd Annual Holiday Candlelight Tour

This is the first year I've taken this tour!  I fell in love with the old homes we got to visit.  And. . . . to make the night even more special, God gave us a  Full Moon.  Oh yea, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Paul, our ex, ever present, son-in-law, lives next door to the Church where the tickets were sold.  Now, you didn't have to buy tickets, you could just walk the quaint little street and peek in,  but ~  the tickets allowed you to go into the homes (so sweetly marked and numbered with a pineapple sign) and view up close and personal the architecture and decorations of that home!  So, you know what we did, or should I say, Paul, did.  Yep.  Tickets.

We started off with a light dinner and some fellowship at Paul and the girl's home.  We then bundled up, grabbed camera and off we started, only to come back and get new batteries for said camera.  Then we're off and running!

The streets and sidewalks to the homes were lined with paper bag luminaries. I love the look! You just followed them for the tour ~ no tour guide needed!  We did, however, get a flier that told the history of the homes we could visit. 

First stop was The "Feeney House".  It wasn't open to walk thru, but you could "peek" in the front windows.  I wanted to go in in the worst way! (There's something about "peeking" that makes me feel ~ weird ~ and even more so whent the homeowner is on the other side "peeking" back!)  So, I just casually observed the "architechture" of the house ~ trying not to peek too much ~  thru the front windows that went from porch ceiling to the floor!  Beautiful!

This is "Chelsea".  Built in 1840.  It originally sat on 300 acres of land. This is the only home on the tour (that you could go on)  that was down a side street.  We took a wagon ride to get to it!  So cool, and soooo coooold!

This was our mode of transportation to get to the "Chelsea".  The girls loved it!

Back in "town" we continued on ~ going in one of the old Church parsonages that is now serving as FMC of Quantico's Chapel and "Parsonage House Antiques".  It was built in 1855 for the serving ministers.  The Church itself is in bad repair and unfit for use.  You can see it to the left of the parsonage in the first picture.   And, notice the gas lamp post ~ they light the entire street ~ real gas lamps!  How cool is that?

This is the "Old Disharoon Store".  It was built in 1855.  One of the original purveyors in Quantico.
It is now a craft store ~ open only two days a year for this tour.  I have been dying to get in here for a very long time!  So have the girls.  It's appearance evokes a great curiosity!

I didn't take pictures of every house we went to ~ I thought my camera was mis-behaving, so I randomly shot pics.  I didn't realize they would even be this good. 

Many of the homes were built in the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's.  Many have been remodeled and updated, incorporating parts of the original homes and structures.  One home was relatively "new".  The original burned in 1985 and a new home was built in it's place, although keeping to the time period of the area.

The homeowners were very gracious ~ opening their homes and businesses so we could get a peek at "yester-year".  There was an abundace of goodies and beverages for all to enjoy.  And friendly smiles and greetings abounding ~ warm homes with warm well-wishers! 

At the end of the tour we headed back to Paul's to warm up with some hot cocoa and little rest for our weary feet.  A good night for all.  I think I shall do it again.

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  1. How lovely! If only walls could talk, wouldn't those wonderful old homes have Christmas stories to tell! Great pictures. Makes me miss the Eastern Shore and the "history" so much. And, I love the music on your blog! Love you so much, hope your build up to Christmas is going splendidly!


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