Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's a Mom-Mom to do?

So, I'm sitting at the computer, minding my own business, checking my email and drinking my coffee.  In prances Goldilocks.  (She and Rease spent the night) She proceeds to chat with me while I'm trying to read.  I. Don't. Like. That.  As a result, I give her "the ole stink eye".  She doesn't like that.   She leaves.  I settle back in.  What's this?  In she comes again.  Only this time she is sporting her chair and an electronic device.  This girl just doesn't give up!  Wonder where she gets that from?
Rease has since settled on the love seat behind us with her electronic device. But Rease doesn't read out loud.

Goldilocks proceeds to turn on her Kindle ~ yes, that's right ~ she has a Kindle.  A Kindle Fire as a matter of fact.  Both her and Rease. Santa brought them.  Hm.  She opens up my blog.  She looks at my posts.  She then asks how to get to her mommy's blog.  I show her and she's off and running.  Reading out loud to me as she goes.  Did I say its hard for me to be read to and read myself?  I did?  Well, apparently Goldilocks didn't get that memo, nor does "the ole stink eye" intimidate her.  But, I have to admit ~ it was sweet listening to her little voice read the things her mommy had written about her, Rease and Piper.  She made the statement that it brought tears to her eyes.  It made her want to cry. 
Melt.  My.  Heart.   

I Want one.  Oh wait ~ I have two!  tee-hee

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