Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food For Thought

As I was checking my email, Goldilocks engaged me in her world while she was eating her Rice Krsipies.  Here we have it thru her eyes:

G:  "Mom-mom, did you make this?"
M:  As I turn from the computer she is holding a tomato pin cushion.  "No.  It was already made."
G:  "I thought you made it.  Where did you get it?"
M:  "Someone gave it to me with some stuff.  I'm not sure who."
G:  " It's really hard."
M:  "Yea, they use a special stuffing so it keeps the pins sharp.  And it's really packed in there."
G:  "Oh.  Like six-pack hard."
M:  (where is this going?)  "It's a little harder than that, I think."
G:  "It feels likes a six pack to me."

Now, since when does an eight year old know what rock hard abs feel like?  Specifically, six-pack, rock hard abs?

Just some food for thought to begin the day.

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