Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Have A Tadpole!

We've only had the pool open a couple of weeks. 
At first Itty Bitty wasn't so sure of herself. 
She had to be held by someone.
Then it was okay to be led around in an inner tube.
Next she would float along by herself in the tube if someone was nearby.
Finally she was confident enough to float around by herself. 
She even slid into the inner tube from the ladder.
But today ~ today Pop-Pop taught her a little about doggie paddling.
And it was on like Donkey Kong!
Now she can "swim" around like the big girls.
She can even jump scoot from the ladder into the pool and swim on.
There's no turning back now!

I surmise by the end of the summer she will be holding her own.

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