Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living in A Small Town

Living in a small town has it's pros and cons.  But, here in my little town, I can't think of hardly any cons.

Saturday I had my hair cut.  No biggy.  Everyone gets their hair cut (at some point and time).  I just happen to have a hair salon in my little town ~ Kellie's Hair Place.  It is within walking distance from my home, as are many conveniences we use in our lives ~ Churches, a Post Office, a grocery store, a bank, Town Hall, Fire Department, carnival, Schools, antique store (when Pop-Pop Ayers is there), a little Diner, a car repair shop, day cares (both in home and "free standing"), and on occasion, a Mom and Pop store will spring up. All this, tucked inside farmland.  In addition to these things we are only minutes from the "bigger" city, the "Bury", a half hour from the beach and day trips from sites to enjoy.  Our little town even has an Easter Parade and hosts a marvelous fire works show in honor of the Fourth!  All of which I can enjoy either from my sidewalk or the comfort of my deck.  Yea, I am ideally situated in my little town  and I am spoiled rotten about it.  I would probably  NEVER have to leave this town for sundries, but I love me some Marshall's, and Lowes, and Hob Lob! 

But, that is not what prompted this post.  As I was getting ready for my hair appointment on Saturday I had and "ah-ha" moment.  Kellie's little shop reminds me so much of the beauty shop on "Steel Magnolias".  Everyone knows everyone. You can catch up on the "goings on" around town.  You can talk girl talk, you can confide, you can ask someone to pray because you can openly talk about God. You can "let your hair down"!  You have the freedom to be who you are and be accepted for who you are because everyone knows who you are!  Chances are you know most of the guys and gals that come in there, too.  Even Pop-Pop Ayers strolls in with his fury friend Annie and a Cup 'o Joe to shoot the breeze or chew the fat!  Local artisans can ask to display a taste of their work in her shop and she is happy to oblige their requests. It's an eclectic place with a homey feel.

Kellie started her little shop in the back of her home. My girls grew up working there, shampooing hair, tending to her kiddlings while she worked, learning life lessons and responsibilities.  A small shop in the back of her home with a big heart! Where else can we get that?
Now, now. . . . she has a free standing shop, and   . . . she commutes from her beach home in DE every day just so she can stay connected to us town folk.  Talk about love.

With all this said, that does not mean I would not move back "home" (to the south) if opportunity presented itself, 'cause I would.  I would have to be very picky as to where I lived, for I know I would not find this setting anywhere else.  I would miss this little town.  I own being spoiled rotten living here in this little town.  It has somehow managed to sabotage my life quietly slip into my bloodstream.  How'd THAT happen may I ask?

So, here's to all the small towns and those who love their small towns.  May they forever hold their place in our country, because they are what makes our country.

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