Monday, June 3, 2013

It's That Time of Year

It's that time.  The end of school is but a breath away.  Four more days.  Then, school's out for summer.  (I feel a song coming on!)  

Goldilocks informed me this morning that her awards assembly was  . . . . this morning.  Jiminy Crickets!  Can't ya give me some notice?  I didn't promise I would come ~ on such short notice and all ~ and my brain was trying to recover it's plans for the day ~ mainly, playing with fabric, both in the laundry jail and on the Singer!  Singer being my place of choice.

Any who, I went.  I'm glad I did.  She was excited to see me there.  And I would be needed at the end.

Awards Assemblies are loooong and borrrring until it's time for your little kiddling to take front and center and receive her awards!

But something was fishy in Denmark.  Someone didn't look quite right.  That someone was my Goldilocks.

She wasn't at all pleased.  I could tell by the look on her face that tears were just under the eye lids.  She couldn't blink, lest they would fall.  I had initially planned on exiting Stage Left right after she received her awards, but something said:  "You better stay."   As I watched, she examined her awards and then looked up at me and was at my side in seconds.

I took her into the hall where she finally let the tears slip down her little cheeks.  It was all I could do not to cry with her.  She had not done as well as she expected.  She wanted to go home ~ I wanted to take her but knew she had to "face the music".  I encouraged her to chat with her teacher and let Mrs. Brown be the bad guy explain to her the awards tucked in her folder.  As it turned out, she did get an Academic Award as well as a Reading Award (as in books, not the subject).  She was a little better after that.

These are "dog tags". They collect them for various things during
the year and they go on a chain like, well, dog tags. 
Sometimes they receive these instead of paper rewards. 
But, honestly, I think sometimes they prefer the certificates!

But I'm sure when she gets home after school we will have to talk about being the best you can be ALL year long.  She is a very good student, but she had a wonky year this year. 

Life lessons are hard, but it is the wise soul who learns from them!

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