Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Will Walk a Mile

On Monday I started a walking regiment with Donna Mae!

I had walked in the past with a friend, but she hurt her foot, life got hectic and our early morning walks came to a stop.  I missed walking (not necessarily at 5:00AM) but more than that I missed our
conversation.  We chatted about our families, how to pray for them and life in general.  And when one walks that early there is no traffic and it is not uncommon for the very early morning sky to still be dark.  And with that darkness came beauty.  The beauty of the stars in a black sky.  The moon shining down on us.  The cool crispness of the air.  Sometimes we would just stop and stare in awe at the amazing canvas God had painted that morning.  And then we'd be off again.  Heading to our destination ~ home.

So you can't imagine how thrilled I was when Donna Mae suggested we "walk together"!  We can chat on our phones all the while getting our heart rates up a bit.  We can start our days ahead of the game.  Why is she smarter than me hadn't I thought of that!!?  Not only that, I get to chat and walk again with someone who is as interested in my life, as I am hers.  We can solve, or at least vent, our own little "world problems" to each other.  We can laugh at them, get ticked off at them, go "hmmm . . . ."  at them, and most importantly, we can pray for them!

 Now, with that said, we do need to pick up the pace. We chopped 3-4 minutes off our time this morning, but the fact that The Boy indicated we were "lolly-gagging" makes me want to kick him in the knee cap up my game.  But give us some credit here.  We've not been on the beaten path for some time.  It will take a little warming up to get up to speed!   Plus, plus we have to watch out for the morning traffic!  Schools buses, cars and trucks and tractor trailers blowing by like giant bees!

But, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we will be on our "A", well, maybe "B" game in no time!

I think I will claim this as my "Walking Verse".  To remind me to TRY to keep my conversation pleasing to the Lord, because I do walk before Him in the land of the living.

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