Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's Time For A Name Change

I almost feel it's long overdue, as a matter of fact.  One of my sandy haired, blue eyed, squirrely girlies is getting a name change.  Truth be known, the name could fit another of my squirrely qirlies ~ only difference is she's a dark haired, blue eyed girly.  Maybe I should number them.  Ha!

Little Miss Reasey Peacey is now, until further notice, renamed Chatty Cathy 2. 

"Why?", you ask.
I'll tell you why!
Not because she watched The Beast tie up lures and managed to figure out how to do one herself ~ no, that's not why.  She was, by the way, extremely proud of herself.
No ~ here's why.  Yesterday was a fresh reminder as to why a name change is in order. 
3:20PM  Home from school
3:30PM ~ After necessary breaks there comes one of several snacks
3:40PM ~ Homework ~ and selfies while doing said homework
4:00PM ~ I know ~ it didn't take her long to do homework.  Hmm  . . . .  The  "Chatting" begins!
I tell you ~ if our (our being me, Ben and Goldi) ears were made of wax they would have melted off our heads.  I don't believe Miss Reasey Peacey paused for more than 10 breaths of air!  All the while I am hyperventilating just listening to her!  The only topic that I was able to hold on to was her historic information behind the writing of The Wizard of Oz.  Everything else was a blur.  She could easily be diverted down the proverbial bunny trail, either of her own doing or someone else's.  One word from anyone concerning anything led to another whole realm of information!  I must say I was worn out by the time she left!  I think my head may still be reeling from the vocal activity of yesterday afternoon!  And here it is ~ almost time for her to arrive home today.  Glory be.
So, with some minor consideration ~ it really is a "no brainer" ~ Little Miss Reasey Peacey shall be called "Chatty Cathy 2."  That will remain her alternate, new, nickname until such time her vocal energy subsides to mild wisps of conversation.  Not that I expect that to ever happen given her track record. But one can hope, right?  One can hope?
Oh and just for kicks and giggles:
Rease:  "Mom-mom.  Have you ever been to a side kick?"
Me: "Side kick?"  Confused, I know there are weird names for the social media ~ snap chat, FB, Instagram, but side kick was new, very new to me.
Rease:  "Yes, a side kick."
Me:  (here I go ~ I'm going to ask) "Rease, I'm not sure I know what that is, but I've never been to one.  What is it exactly?"
Rease: "You know.  A person who can tell your future."
Me:  ? ? ? ? ? ?  Deer in headlights look going on here! ! I had no words. None.  Nada.  Zilch.
Bob:  Rolling ~ "Rease, that's a 'psychic!"
Rease:  "Yea, yea.  That's it.  Have you, Mom-Mom?"   O. Bliv. I. Ous.
That girl.  God love her.  She's the apple of my eye.  "No, honey. God warns us about them. They are of the devil." I say.  And she nods.
And all is right with the world.  For now at least.

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