Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That Tree

Aside from the fact that school has crept up on us and barreled over us with a vengeance, the weather has been somewhat "hinky" this summer season. 

Our Spring started out quite cool.  Warm days, cool nights.  I could have compared it to fall except the leaves were green instead of those lovely amber, golden, red and brown colors.  But, apparently, "That Tree" across the street from me couldn't get it together.  It must have lost the memo about Spring's foolishness silly antics!  Just in case, though, it covered its bases:

It proudly displayed one little grouping of amber leaves.

Hm.  What do you suppose the other trees were saying?  I bet it was the talk of the town!

But, it refused to drop the amber goodness.  It did do a good job shielding it from an unsuspecting passerby ~ that is, until these past two weeks. Summer had brought on heat wave after heat wave. No cool nights. Sometimes it was almost too hot to get in the pool.  The water was like bath water.  Too warm to be refreshing, but too tempting to ignore.

So I think these last couple of weeks really played with the mind nature of That Tree.  It just could not stop itself from displaying its "true color".  The amber group of leaves that had made it through the bulk of  summer finally succumbed to the impending fall weather ~ which by the way is no where in sight!

It unashamedly donned its little grouping in a beautiful red!

For the love of Pete!  I can only imagine its transition when Fall finally announces her arrival

Now, don't get me wrong ~ I love That Tree's little antics.  It amuses me on stressful days. It tends to remind me that even though change is inevitable, you can add your own flare to it.  Be it out of season colors or be it accepting a change you may not care for ~ you don't have to go the "whole route".  You can keep a little reminder of things past.  It may prevent us from returning to where we came from and help us anticipate where we may be going. 

Change. Learn to live with it because you can't live without it.

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