Friday, September 11, 2015

Johnny Appleseed

It seems that even as we get older we never lose the ability to be amazed at the things Nature throws our way.  And so it is with My Boy.  He's well into his 20's but can still find a curiosity in the simplest of things.

Back in late Spring, early Summer "Johnny" was enjoying his daily routine of an apple, a banana and a glass of OJ.  Simple enough.  Boring enough.  But Nature threw him a tidbit.  She gave him two seeds in his apple that were already germinating.  It never ceases to amaze me the little surprises that come along. 

Being of the curious nature, "Johnny"  promptly removed them and placed them on a damp paper towel and then placed them in a baggie.  He let them grow there until he was confident they would survive in a pot.

Speaking of pots, don't you just love these?   
He fusses over his little trees  like a mother hen. 
Don't, I repeat, don't mess with his babies trees!

Here we are ~ nearing Fall.  I'll be curious to see how Mr. Johnny Appleseed  "over winters" them.
Curious indeed.

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