Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kissed by A Stranger

Some "Me" time was gifted to me today.
Only because our Little Turtle Dove wasn't quite herself and had Mama up since 2:00am. 

Well now, what say ye?  What shall I do with this unexpected gift?

Ahh, I know!  I shall have a coffee date with L'Oréal!  She won't mind the impromptu-ness!  She's flexible like that.  I've been putting her off for  a couple weeks  now, due to one thing (Little Turtle Dove) or another (Little Turtle Dove).  Our visits are short ~ about an hour or so, so when she bid me adieu I was left to figure out something else.  Not that that was a hard thing to do since I heard Marshalls, Target and Hob Lob all beckoning to me! They did so in such a sweet voices that I couldn't say "NO".

So, "YES", it was!  I ate my breakfast, did my devos and out the door I sprinted ~ kinda.

(Oh, I did throw a load of laundry in while L'Oréal was here.  She didn't mind.  Not at all.)

Marshalls first.  Beach towel and decorator pillow envy.  This place makes me swoon. Glad I was only window shopping!

Then to trusty ol' Target.  Let's see if we have any "steals" today.  There probably were, but they were stocking and I couldn't focus, so I headed out.  And this is what was waiting for me:

Some strange car was literally kissing the bumper of my Red Tin Can!  I know she's not pretty, but she's not easy.  Come on now.  I'm not sure what scared me more, the bumper kisser or the lady in the SUV near me.  In her scary smoker's cough voice she says to me:
"I saw them do it when I pulled up.  They didn't hit it, they just touched it."  Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I think for a car (Hi-Ho-Silver, there)  to end up touching another car (my Red Tin Can), they have to hit it.  Plain and simple.  Kinda like my car. 

No, I didn't hang around for Hi-Ho-Silver's owner to come out.  I mean, look at my car, then look at theirs. Pft. Silver was almost as bad as Red.   I am grateful, however, they didn't lock bumpers.  The last thing I want to do was drag a stray home.  I have enough hostile engines in my driveway as it is. I'm not adding a stranger to the pile.  Who knows what quirks it harbors. 

Last stop was The Hob Lob.  I love to browse that store!  Sooo many ideas come to mind.  I oogle over all the bric-a-brac-y stuff first and then spend my time gazing wistfully at the fabric.  I think I may have a borderline fabric obsession.  Just borderline. 

Then it was homeward bound (reminds me of a song).  I just had to remember it's Gosling Season and be mindful of the gaggle of Mamas, Papas and Goslings sauntering across the street, holding up traffic on occasion.  I think those geese think they own the world.  I think we think that too, because we stop and let them mosey along, all 10,000 of them. 

Oh, and it's raining ~ A. G. A. I. N.  As if we haven't had enough.  I'm sure I'll go bat crap crazy when the Sun does decide to shine for more than a day or two. 

Well, that's if for now. 
I'll catch ya on the flip side, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise! 

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