Monday, May 2, 2016

The Little Turtle Dove

Last week I watched the Little Turtle Dove for the first time ~ all day ~ all week ~ by myself.  Well, mostly by myself and mostly all week.  I was beyond  nervous keeping her ~ not because I didn't know what to  do, but because I didn't know what she liked to do!  Fortunately God works all things out!  School was delayed Monday for the HS students due to testing so Reasy Peacey was here with me until 10:00.  Tuesday I had all the hooligans because school was closed due to the Primary Elections.  Wednesday I was on my own.  Thursday Reasy was here until 10:00 again due to HS testing. The girls filled me in as we went and all went well!   And Friday ~ her Daddy had her (I was nervous for him too!) 

Thank goodness she's an easy, delightful baby to be around!  Makes my job much more pleasurable.

Having Rease here helped me while I got the bus schedule figured out (again). She was my extra set of eyes and ears.  Not to mention it was a N. A. S. T. Y. week last week.  One day was just a deluge of rain!  And it was cold.  So cold I had to turn our heat back on.  I was afraid she would turn into a popsicle!

Itty Bitty left her lovie for her little sister to help her make a smooth transistion.  It's almost as big as she is!   It melted my heart.

I must not be doing too badly, she's smiling. . . . .

. . . . . and napping!  Brief as it was, it was a nap!

We are on week two now.  I think I have a system (very flexible system) in place.  We should do fine.

As long as The Little Turtle Dove is happy, Mom-Mom is happy.

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