Monday, May 2, 2016

Before I Forget

Much has happened since my last "serious" blog post.  I honestly don't remember a lot of it.  But there are a few things that have just stuck with me.

I always say, if you need to speed, you needed to leave earlier.  So I said.  I wasn't needing to be anywhere at a specific time but I was hasty. Thus the following:

For some odd reason I had both Reasy Peacy and Goldilocks during a weekday.  I don't know if the HS was using it's building for PSAT testing or what, but never-the-less, I didn't have Ittly Bittly.
I decided to take the girls on a fabric excursion since we had the day together and well, you know, the fabric store was calling.  We pile in the red tin can, buckle up and off we go. We are just chatting away going down Lillian.  As I approach the bend I see a sheriff's car parked in a lot.  I look at my speedometer and notice I'm going 40 (in a 30 mph zone).  No need to slow down now.   I round the bend preparing to pull over just as Reasy Peacy says:  "Oh look, Mom-mom, the cop has his lights on."  "Yes, Rease, those would be for me." I reply as I'm pulling over.  We go through the usual, license, registration, and waiting.  Reasy Peacy is in the front with me.  She proceeds to tell me:  "That is Deputy Donut from Mardela."
Oh yea?  Then she says, ever so sweetly: "I may or may not have made him angry at me at school."
"WHAT? Turn around and look out that passenger window.  Do NOT make eye contact with that man.  Do not say ANYTHING!" I warn her.  She's cracking up.  I'm not.  Last thing I wanted was a ticket because "Deputy Donut"  recognized a student he had to rebuke.  He did give me a warning ~ asking when the last time I was pulled over.  Geeze ~ years ago, why?  'Cause apparently I had two incidents on my record.  But, in his defense, he couldn't tell me when.  (I'm understanding his name now)  And, I just realized ~ Goldilocks sat silent the whole time.  Hmmm.

To and insult to injury:  Next day Kellifer told me she was putting on her make up and watching the news when Ittly Bitty came down the stairs. 
Itty Bitty:  "Oh man. I missed it!"
Kellifer:  "Missed what?"
Itty Bitty:  "I thought they were going to say something about Mom-mom speeding."

Okie dokie. Thank you girls for sharing that event.  

Let's continue, shall we?

I had  Itty Bitty this weekend.  We are sitting on the sofa with our gadgets.  She is so close to me she might as well be sitting in my lap.  She does that.  Anyway, she nonchalantly says to me:  "Mom-mom, you married the right Pop-pop for me."  Awe.   No words.

*edited* ~ I was "informed" by Goldilocks that Officer Donut is really Deputy Donut. 
Well, gee willikers Mr. Wilson.

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