Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wrong Number

We all get them ~ someone calling ~ or in this case texting ~ the wrong number.
If I am the culprit, I profusely apologize and go on. Sometimes it takes the culprit on the other end to actually realize he/she's dialed the same wrong number twice before they move.  And ~ they usually apologize.

But then, then we have that one, not up to par with 'wrong phone number 'phone etiquette, culprit. The one that takes advantage of the situation.

Case in point:  Yesterday a "302" number texted me.  I responded simply because I have family in the  "302" vicinity and thought it may be one of them.  Here's how it went down:

Wrong number:  "What's up with my survey??? Th millsboro dodge"
Wrong number:  "TJ*"
Wrong number:  "Hook me up"

All three texts before I could respond.

Me:  "what???"

Wrong Number:  "My survey I asked u to fill out"

Me: " i think you have the wrong number :/"

Wrong number:  "I'm sorry.  This is Harold right? You still in Markey for a new truck?"

Um, What part of 'wrong number' confuses you?  AND,  if you have the wrong number, why on God's green earth would you apologize and then ask if I'm "Harold right?"   Why?

Me:  "no - this is NOT Harold - you have the wrong number!"

Wow!  We really do not understand those two words 'wrong number', now do we? Dazed and confused.

Wrong number:  "O ok sorry"
Wrong number:  "Well are you in the marke for a new or used vehicle? I have the deals?"

Oh. My. Word!  Are you kidding me???

Me:  "N.  O."

End of convo.  I must give the dude credit.  He had some amount of confidence even after eventually realizing he had the wrong person to pursue a sale.  Can't give him any credit though for his punctuation or spelling.  Don't think I would score  much of a deal from this guy, especially since he seems to questioning them himself.

'til next time,
This is "Harold" signing off.

PS - Spell check lit up like a Christmas tree!

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