Friday, September 25, 2009

Amish Fellowship

Yesterday Kelly and Kenny invited us to dinner at Kelly's home. (Kenny is Kelly's beau, now turned fiance'!) He sells Amish lawn furniture and sheds. His suppliers are here for vacation and they, along with Kenny's grandma and us, were there. I found out they have been to Chincoteague,the girls anyway and Kenny has taken them tubing and the the guys were getting up early this morning to go hunting.
There were 3 couples - young - in their 20's. I have to admit - wasn't quite sure what to expect as far as their personalities. But you can learn a lot about people at a dinner table. They could be, and were, hysterical. Wonderful sense of humor! They seemed very comfortable, which made me, at least, feel comfortable. I think Rease was really taken with them! She told me she wanted to take a picture of them and take it to school and show her teacher who she had dinner with :)! ! (hmm. . .don't think that's allowed). They spoke with an accent and a language that sounded like it could be Dutch - but now don't hold me to that, and that in itself was intriguing. So most of the night Kenny and Scott talked with the same accent - too funny!
They don't drive cars, so how did they get here? They hire a driver - not Amish, obviously - to bring them here! His name was Scott and he was at dinner, too. This is one of a few questions I had brewing in my head. Some others were:
  • How did they get here? - Answered
  • I didn't know they wore bathing suits - obviously so
  • I didn't know they went tubing - obviously so
  • I didn't know they went swimming- duh
  • How do they feel about all these modern conveniences - electricity, tv's, cars, clothes, etc. . - not answered
  • Just how primitive do most of them live? - not answered
  • Just how Amish "savvy" am I? - obviously not very

The meal was wonderful, as was the company. The only regret is that I didn't get right in the middle of it all and get answers to my questions! !

What I learned is - don't pass by an opportunity to see or do something different, or socialize with someone different when the opportunity presents itself. And . . . . as I tell the kids - don't be afraid to ask questions! !

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  1. That is so cool! Love the Amish! When I was in my pre teens I read tons of books about them. i really wanted to give up modern life and become part of their "world." My mom was extremely concerned at that point in my life...I don't think whe was too keen on having a daughter "go Amish!"haha! What a neat experience for you guys. :)


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